Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Maya is six months

She is the cutest most sweetest baby girl
Loves pretty much everyone and anything
Goes crazy when mommy sings to her
Very independent. . Holds her bottle 
Wants to drink from a cup
Trying to crawl  
we started feeding her some fruits 
This past six months have been some of the best months of my life
I love waking up to her 
And pretty much being together every second of our day. 
She's been teething since she was two months but still no teeth!!! 
Last Doc appointment baby girl weigh in at 22lb!!! 
If you read Maya five months post you read I began teaching her the sign language  for milk. 
And it's a totall success! !!!!!
She recognizes it and knows exactly what it means ! 

Five of my favorite things to do with Maya

*taking pictures of course!!!

*I enjoy napping with her I purposely let her breath on my face cause I love that milk breath

*Every morning I put music on and I dance with her in my arms for a good thirty minutes 
And she smiles the entire time 

*I really enjoy talking to her! I find myself going on and on about life to her. And I feel no judgment, she just stares at me with those beautiful eyes

*Making her laugh, acting like a bunny works everytime 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Alonso turned seven

You show me what unconditional love is
And put my patience to the test
Your the boy who changed my life and still to this day gives me the strength to keep moving foward
 I am faithful because of you  
And because of you I have learned that being different is not a bad thing. 
I'm so blessed to have you 
I Celebrate your differences and encourage your quirky-ness 
I will forever have your back 
No matter what 
I will always be here.
I admire your honestly and your ability to forgive 
I hope you grow up and become a man of your word
I hope you stay humble 
As you get older and things change 
Remember one thing never will and that's my love.

Love mom 

I'm Thankful

This year has been one of the most life changing so far.. so of course this thanksgiving is really special. I'm so thankful for my family my husband and children. I feel so much peace and love in my heart. I'm thankful for my mistakes and struggles. The material things come and go some get lost and broken, and at the end of our life's we don't take anything with us. So for me they are not too important. What is important is the laughs I share with my kids, the the peace in my heart when I go to bed. I'm thankful for those morning with baby Maya. Thankful for being able to help my kids with homework. And of course my husband's sens of hummor. Thankful for my parents hugs and advise. I'm thankful for everything money can't buy.

There is always somthing to be thankful for... no matter who you are or where you are. I hope everyone had am amazing thanksgiving, filled with family and love. Remember that everyone has hard times and we all go through things that brings our spirits down.. and if your struggling or going through somthing, know that you can get through it and make it better. Be happy and thankful your alive and take advantage of every breath. And never waste your time on things that hurt you, or go against the person you wanna be. Somtimes  you have to say no to things that keep you from growing as a person. Stay true to your heart. Happy thanksgivin
Love you all


Weekend getaway Disneyland

This trip was on our bucket list for years! 
So happy that we finally 
Checked it off.
When your stuck in a car with your husband and three kids for 5 hours straight you end up learning alot about each other. 
We had some amazing talks about the future and what's important to us. 
There was a lot of "are we there yet?" 
The music in the car was all over the place, we all have different tast! 
Aparntly my son is into rock music! 
Rebeka snores louder then dad!
And Maya deserves the sweetest baby award!