Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Our Wednesday

We are so happy it's cooling down here in Arizona!! We are finally able to go out and explore with out melting. Today was a good day! We slept in since the kids had no school, had a very late breakfast. Alonso had speech and did awesome!! Rebeka has been wearing the same troll shirt for three days straight now! I can't blame here I have a pair of jeans myself that I wore once for a whole week!! That's usually what happens when you really like somthing. We had a couple of errands to do and stoped at this spot that's really close to our house. I love taking pictures of us! Rebeka is always so happy when I pull out my camera!! She's so easy to photograph. Alonso on the other hand is always running, moving, jumping! He can't stay still for very long! He has such great energy! Maya enjoyed getting out of the house, she was baby talking the whole time!! Had to change her diaper three times in the car! (That was fun)