Wednesday, September 9, 2015


    As parents it's our responsibility  to dicipline, educate, guide, nourish, and love our children. But above all that I full heartedly believe our number one priority should be to play with our children. I know that we live in a busy world, where it's hard to find time to do anything. And if your a working parent I can understand wanting to relax when you do find that extra time. But would you go a day with out feeding your child? No right. Well why would you skeep out on play time!!? It's been proven that play time helps them grow and learn and feel happy. 

      I make it my number one goal of my day to find time to play with my kids. No matter how busy I am or how tired I feel. You wouldn't beleive how happy they get when I join them. And I have found that while playing I am also learning more about them, I get to see a side of them that is beyond wild. I get to hear they're inside thoughts. They get so into it that they forget I'm mom and they actually start looking at me like I might just really be super woman and there are no words to describe how that makes me feel.
     What do we play!!?? You might ask. Well we pretty much play anything the kids want to play, hide and seek, tag, board games... you name it. BUT our all time favorite is imaginary play! I stared this when they were very little. We basically make up a senario, give eachother characters and BAM let the fun begin. I'm not quite sure who enjoys this more me or the kids. The days I'm really busy I say to myself.. "okay only 20 minutes today"  probably because I have to clean or have to get ready for work. And then before I know it I'm enjoying myself so much, that I realize  we been playing for almost an hour somtimes. There's no rules in this game. We can be anyone and be anywhere right in our living room. Somtimes we rearrange everything to make more room. My living room as been a library, grocery store, concert, school, hospital, Gotham city!!! We been everywhere right in our own home.
    We've also taken this game with us to other places. One of my favorite memories with the kids was at a resort we stayed at. We spent all day at the pool playing imaginary.  Sharks were after us!! at one point they ate one of Alonso legs off!! And Rebeka saved him by attacking the shark with her super power strength! And I was a pirate who capured them on my ship! You get the picture. Did I mention that the pool was full of people, that didn't stop us!! Once we get in character we forget about the world around us. How nice is that! Not only for the kids but for us as parents too. We need to make it our priority to forget about everything and jump into a world of make believe with our kids.

      For goodness sake please play with your kids. I grantee you'll see a difference in there behavior during the rest of the day. You playing with them makes them feel important. And it makes you get in touch with your inner child that most adults tend to lose with time, witch is super sad. Just because we are parents and "adults" doesn't mean we can't play!! Don't lose your fun side, I promise your kids will think your the funniest person out there!! Be the parent you want them to Remeber.