Thursday, October 20, 2016

Mother's growing pains

     Mother's growing pains are real.. it's that feeling in your heart when you realize those pink rain boots don't fit your daughter anymore. The ones you watched her wear all year round even on dry summer days . Realizing that your child doesn't need that extra help from you anymore. the pain of knowing that time is ticking and moments are gone forever... It's truly a privilege to watch them meet so many milestones... painful to feel as if you could have done better. There is so much joy in watching our kids grow and become independent of us, but there is also that sadness in knowing there is no going back...
     Remember that baby you once made so happy by simply chasing around the house. That same baby now a couple years later who fights you over pretty much everything. Our mom heart hurts in knowing that we can't always make them happy anymore. That baby now has to feel in order to grow... and as painful as it is a mother must stay strong and let her child learn the lessons of life. I've noticed that it's always for the best interest of the child but it always puts our mom's heart at risk... 
      The reality check pain, the one you feel when you realize your life isn't as glamorous or put together as you thought or said it would be. Going to bed saying to yourself  "tomorrow I'll do my hair" next morning rolls around and you come face to face with your reality. So you find out that there will be no time to do your hair.... you quickly manage to do a bun hoping it comes out semi decent cause you'll have to wear it to drop of the kids at school. "Mom I'm hungry" and then you hear the sound of the toilet seat being picked up "THE BABY" and during all this you could smell the pooped diaper!!!! No mother wants to complain believe me we all do this thing simply because we want to and we love our kids, but...... there is a part of us that hurts, it's not a good feeling going to bed wearing that lifeless bun once again saying HOPING "maybe tomorrow?"
     The difference between a childs growing pains and a mother's is that our children will eventually grow out of them and it's more of a physical pain, typically leg pains. Mothers growing pain is in the heart and soul... typically right in the center of our being the area that triggers our existences and they are life long pains. There are different stages harder ones to come I hear.. and there is no antidote. Mothers were built to survive it and to never give up on that baby while risking their hearts. The only thing that eases the pain is talking to other mothers who have been there. Talking about certain things that only another mother could understand. So be there be present, be part of the joy and pain. Soak in the mothers growing pains and let them change your whole life.

Mom Luz

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?? whatever that is do it!! make all the mistakes in the world but make them while trying to better yourself. If you make a mistake okay... process it.... LEARN from it... and move the HELL ON! Find your happniess at the end of the tunnel. Iive a life that pushes you to make a difference in your future or in someone else's future. Never lose that craving for love and laughter.... chase those two like your life depends on it... cause it does. Its easy to lose modivation and fall into a down roll spireal, because you could always find somthing to complain about. The challenge is keeping an open mind, if you see all your doors closing, don't worry look for something heavy and strong maybe even sharp and break that dam door down!!!!! There's way to many high expectations in this world.  Have your own expectations and focus on them. IM SERIOUS focus on them, nobody should understand you. As long as you understand yourself your good. Its hard to stay positive but it's  all a matter of beliving and and investing time to yourself and your thoughts. Dont let the outside world or society determin the person you want to be. So many of us out there trying to look a certain way or be a kind of person because in our mind thats what "in" or "appealing". I believe we should chase the life that brings natural TRUE happiness and peace to our surroundings. In order to find out what makes us truly happy we must all invest time in our thoughts... try to go back in time and remember what made us smile.. try to find a memory that changed your life. Figure out if there's any way you could make that sort impact in someone else's life.... maybe your kids? Maybe a complete stranger? Remember what we dreamt about when we were little..? Why did we stop?  find what gives Value to your life, and put it first. Develope a mind set that says I can do it. chase a life of faith and courage. Be careful with lifes distractions, they are there for us to lose sight of who we are.


Remember it's up to you.. to keep yourself encouraged♡

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mothers♡ love it..believe it..

Never enough sleep 
Wake up in shock of what my life has become. 
Looking for little missing socks 
Prepping meals 
  Because little ones need to eat
Pretend I don't hear them laughing
During hide an seek
Story time took over my heart
I wipe little tears and clean little scrapes
Gave up the last cookie
Lied and said I didn't want it
And then watched 
them drop it!

I'm at the edge of the bed 
Two days with no shower 
And worried about tomorrows
Spelling test!
Wishing i cloud somehow be there....
Just to whisper
"You got this" 

When keeping little promises
Becomes more important 
Then keeping friends
suddenly Love has a different meaning 
Suddenly everything makes sense 

Highlights become
tight hugs
An I love you
Building tents
Telling storys

Sleepless nights are never fun 
Five more minutes 
Is Never enough 

Too much to do
And I do it all for you 
My life without you
Was never this fun
I was laughing so hard!! Baby Maya is so heavy it takes both of them to hold her, and not for very long.  
Seriously though... mothers don't get enough credit. It really doesn't matter what kind of mother you are. Mom to one kid, mom to multiple kids, single mom, married mom, step mom, working mom, stay at home mom. IT DOESN'T matter, it's hard!! Every one of us has our challenges. I myself have many! I can't even begin to tell you.. I'm the mom who let's her kids play tag at the grocery store.. and never has dinner ready at a set time.  I just wanted to say that you are doing great!  This mothering thing is quite complex and HARD very hard at times so I believe we should encourage one another and throw judgment out the window cause truth be told no one is perfect. So give yourself some credit!! Follow your mother's instincts and carry on with your beliefs. Your a mother!! Believe it, love it! Live it! Don't dwell on your mistakes we all make them.. I wish you all a long night with rest.. lots of patience in the morning followed by a burst of energy through out the day
Happy mother's day