Thursday, August 20, 2015

My daughter

  Not everything has to match!! Sometimes its good to experiment with colors, texture and patterns, I absolutely love how Rebeka is not afraid to wear what feels right to her, and to be honest she pretty much nails it every time!! She loves wearing her hair down, no bow necessary. And as she smiles and her hair blows with the wind, I think to myself how effortlessly beautiful she is. Honestly watching her confidence has made me realize I must practice my own confidence! she inspires me to let lose and wear that top i love but maybe to afraid to wear. Rebeka is a girl of few words, she takes her time with people. She watches people from afar and analyzes there behavior. I kept telling people "she shy and that's why she won't say Hello"  Until Rebeka herself said to me... "mom I'm not shy I'm careful" who says that!? my daughter does. After she said that I'v paid more attention, and she's right she's not shy in fact shes not shy at all. She's particular, and very aware of everything. She has reminded me that not all people are to be trusted! 
She also teaches me there's no wrong place to dance!! if there's music and your feeling it, JUST DANCE!!!!  who cares who's around, or what they'll say!! We also like to sing talk! that's one of my favorite things to do with her, we basically say everything as if it were a song. Its so much fun!! I might have to do video on that soon!! Bottom line there's no wrong or right way to be happy! Just do what makes you feel good despite what the world may think of you. Rebeka will be singing the whole time we are shopping for groceries. And I mean SINGING!! super loud! she'll make up a song about chicken and ham! totally off tune but completely adorable! Why because she can and she wants too, and I'm not gonna stop her! I'm not gonna lie I have joined her a couple times! there's something about her that makes me feel like a kid again, and I'm so grateful for that.
 One day she came up to me and showed me her drawing. There was two lines, I said "oh wow those are two really cute straight lines" She looked at me and smiled and then said "mom those are not lines, that's me and you!" And she couldn't have been more correct. You see we don't always agree, sometimes we are just two different lines, two parallel lines that never meet but can always be found next to each other to be there for one another. I hope that I can inspire her the way she has inspire me. I hope one day she'll see how not only did she change my life but made it better, happier, more interesting. I want to understand her and support who is she. I want to nourish her with happiness. I by no means want her to feel like she has to be or act a certain way to please me, I'm already pleased. Sure we have difficult days, where we don't always agree. But the way I look at it, its just another opportunity to learn more about her an opportunity to guide her. 
I encourage every mother out there to pay attention to the little things that make your daughter unique! point them out to her. Make her feel like she is more then enough. Let her know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with her! encourage her funky side! but most importantly join her! dive in to the fun! be a young girl with her.