Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?? whatever that is do it!! make all the mistakes in the world but make them while trying to better yourself. If you make a mistake okay... process it.... LEARN from it... and move the HELL ON! Find your happniess at the end of the tunnel. Iive a life that pushes you to make a difference in your future or in someone else's future. Never lose that craving for love and laughter.... chase those two like your life depends on it... cause it does. Its easy to lose modivation and fall into a down roll spireal, because you could always find somthing to complain about. The challenge is keeping an open mind, if you see all your doors closing, don't worry look for something heavy and strong maybe even sharp and break that dam door down!!!!! There's way to many high expectations in this world.  Have your own expectations and focus on them. IM SERIOUS focus on them, nobody should understand you. As long as you understand yourself your good. Its hard to stay positive but it's  all a matter of beliving and and investing time to yourself and your thoughts. Dont let the outside world or society determin the person you want to be. So many of us out there trying to look a certain way or be a kind of person because in our mind thats what "in" or "appealing". I believe we should chase the life that brings natural TRUE happiness and peace to our surroundings. In order to find out what makes us truly happy we must all invest time in our thoughts... try to go back in time and remember what made us smile.. try to find a memory that changed your life. Figure out if there's any way you could make that sort impact in someone else's life.... maybe your kids? Maybe a complete stranger? Remember what we dreamt about when we were little..? Why did we stop?  find what gives Value to your life, and put it first. Develope a mind set that says I can do it. chase a life of faith and courage. Be careful with lifes distractions, they are there for us to lose sight of who we are.


Remember it's up to you.. to keep yourself encouraged♡