Thursday, March 24, 2016

Yess! I'm pregnant

Yess baby number four is on its way!! And it was NO accident!! My husband and I were activily trying to get pregnant before his deployment. Many thought i was crazy for trying because that meant i was gonna be at home with a five and seven year old. Plus baby Maya is only a few mounths old and dealing with a pregnacy all at he same time seemed crazy. Truth is I was in such a motherhood high after I gave birth to Maya that i got swept up in the idea of having more kids! I love being a mom and the whole pregnacy part well i quite enjoy that too! I really didn't think about it too much before we started trying.. sure enough it happened!  And I couldnt have been more happy!! I remember I was holding baby Maya in my arms while pasing back and forth waiting for the pregnancy test to show the result. I was home alone with Baby Maya. I was in such a hurry to find out that i didnt wait to take the test with my husband, he was still at work. And there it was... it was positive!!!!!!!!! I cryed right away. I was not expecting to cry but there i was crying of happiness and kissing baby Maya! First thing I did was i got on my knees and thanked my Lord. I got straight on my knees with out even thinking... witch makes me feel really emotional as im writing this. I knew i wanted to be a mom once again but I didn't quite know how badly I really wanted it till that moment. I was so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. I cant believe that Im given this amaizing blessing once again.
I quickly shared the news with my husband and kids and they were super happy. Our family is growing and its an amazing feeling. So here we are... Im 22 weeks pregnant due in August. Dads been delpoyed for 4 months now. Baby Maya is 10 months growing up way too fast. Rebeka and Alosno are running around yelling and screaming! Being crazy kids. It hasn't been easy, thats for sure. Iv had my moments were I wonder if I'll be able to handle what's coming. This hormones are really getting to me. I find myself crying for the littlest things. 
  And I really really miss my husband! It sucks that his missing the whole thing. I send him lots if pictures and videos trying to keep him involved as much as i can. I have to embrace what's happening. Iam so blessed and very grateful for my life! Being a mom is by far the best part of my life. And as hard as it does get.... I am very fortunate to be able to stay at home to raise  the kids. 

Luzz ♡