Friday, October 16, 2015

Our Friday

It was a beautiful day
The skies were gray and the smell of rain was in the air. 
We did absolutely nothing productive around the house!!! We played outside while the baby napped. We made a trip to sprouts to buy some fruit and veggies. Found the perfect pumpkins! 

I think I'm gonna have to hide this skirt from Rebeka. I keep telling her it doesn't fit her.. feels like ever since I told her that she refuses to take it off! 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's a constant change.

Life is constantly changing. Your up your down. Your plans fall apart. New emotions arise. Love can let you down. Life has a tendency of scaring you here and there. Very few people will truly understand you. Be brave and take it all in. Remember nothing is certain and everything is ment to change. New opportunities will find you, as long as you keep your head up. Never apologize for following your heart. When your soul pushes you in a certain direction follow it! It's usually mostly likely always right!! Have a clear vision of what's important and what matters the the most to you and protect it at all coast. Never lose your dignity and your character when times get tough, that's when you need them the most. Guard your dreams from anything and anyone who will try to spoil them. Run as far away as possible from any negative vibes. And Remember always try to make others happy but never pretend to be happy for the sake of others.

Sometimes your on such a high on life that you forget things can fall apart. And the toughest part is realizing it... and having to act on it. Over all I'm graful for this moments. Moments of frustration and fear, maybe even anger. Im grateful because they bring me back to whats important to me. Never lose or change who you are to please others. Stand up for what you beleive and fight for what you deserve. I have a lot to learn, and a lot to change. But one thing forsure is I intend to live my life with dignity and curage. 

At the end of each day it's always the same for me. I do what feels right in my heart. I live, and breath for my kids. My priority is finding ways to make them happy. My goal is to be a good mom.