Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Maya is six months

She is the cutest most sweetest baby girl
Loves pretty much everyone and anything
Goes crazy when mommy sings to her
Very independent. . Holds her bottle 
Wants to drink from a cup
Trying to crawl  
we started feeding her some fruits 
This past six months have been some of the best months of my life
I love waking up to her 
And pretty much being together every second of our day. 
She's been teething since she was two months but still no teeth!!! 
Last Doc appointment baby girl weigh in at 22lb!!! 
If you read Maya five months post you read I began teaching her the sign language  for milk. 
And it's a totall success! !!!!!
She recognizes it and knows exactly what it means ! 

Five of my favorite things to do with Maya

*taking pictures of course!!!

*I enjoy napping with her I purposely let her breath on my face cause I love that milk breath

*Every morning I put music on and I dance with her in my arms for a good thirty minutes 
And she smiles the entire time 

*I really enjoy talking to her! I find myself going on and on about life to her. And I feel no judgment, she just stares at me with those beautiful eyes

*Making her laugh, acting like a bunny works everytime 

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