Friday, October 2, 2015

Maya is four months!!

OH MY!!! Four months now. I guess it's true time does go by fast when your having fun. I don't even think I can explain how sweet Maya is. And that smell!! I can't get enough of that sweet baby smell. Little miss.Maya is seriously the happiest baby! She pretty much smiles at anything and anyone. She seems to be fascinated with her brother and sister. Not a day goes by with out me kissing every roll on her! I am seriously so in love!! She has brought so much love to our home, she's brought us together in so many ways. Never wakes up crying, it's always a cooing high pitch little scream. I still cant believe she's here!!!! Wish there was a way to make this moments last forever. I hope she grows up to be happy, strong, and determine. 

I promise I'll always be here to hold you up♡

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