Friday, October 2, 2015


   My kids make alot of their own choices. I have gotten a lot of different reactions from people. A lot of parents control pretty much every aspect of their kids life, so when they hear me say "I let them choose" they freak out!! "Oh my gosh she's crazy! Those kids are gonna grow up and she will not have any control over them" and that's okay.. everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
Now let me explain there is no choosing when it comes to going to school, cleaning their room and being respectful. But I do let them choose what they wear. I'm not the typ of parent who tried to impress others by how clean and well dressed my kids are. If anything I would want to impress with how happy my kids look and feel. So yes!!go crazy with your style kids. Its all about expressing your individuality around here. AND COME ON THEY'RE KIDS! They look cute with whatever they wear. I also let them choose what's on our grocery list for the week, meaning what we eat. Its usually pizza, pasta, and chicken. On my days off I let the kids plan out our day. They get to choose what we eat, where we go and pretty much anything along the way. They also make up some rules and exceptions for the day. Alonso will usually ask to fix some dinner for us, it's the cutest thing. He usually makes spinach with cereal and sausages, and he makes us eat it all! He will also make it an exception for him to use the word butt cheeks at the end of every sentence!! It was pretty hilarious the first couple of times. Rebeka will usually ask to change her name..and it's always somthing super hard to say! On days like this we end up at the park, eating lots of ice cream and staying up past our bed time.
  I never force the kids to anything, if they need to do somthing and their not going for it I always try to encourage them, never force them. I explain the benefits of things and why they should reconsider. I encourage them to do the right thing. I explaine why it's important to have a good heart, and a good attitude.  Bottom line is I let them choose, I let them mess up. We've had alot of bad hair days and unmatching outfits around here. But that's what life's about!! Making mistakes and finding who you are. But most importantly having fun!!

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