Wednesday, September 2, 2015

seven years down forever to go

       My husband and I recently just had our seven year wedding anniversary! It may not seem like much to some but I am seriously so proud and happy to have made it this far. God knows I have made too many mistakes but honestly I couldn't have been more blessed. I married my best friend. Things haven't always been easy. It has taken a lot of maturity and growing up to make this work. We have hit rock bottom and climbed our way back up. A friend recently asked me what marriage was like for me.... Immediately I was invaded with memories, and flashbacks... Good moments, bad moments really really bad moments. My mind was replaying kisses, laughs, and tears. The only thing I could say in that moment was "Its Beautiful" And it really is, even the bad I wouldn't take back.
We have so much history, and it didn't happen over night. After all this time falling in and out of love I always find my way back to him.
  I think its best to let go of any expectations we may have on marriage and love. Stop comparing your marriage to someone else's. Avoid criticizing, or pointing out each others flaws. Remember to encourage more often and actually listen... even when they are not talking. I know I know it easier said then done, believe me I know. But I also refuse to give up. Seven years three kids later I'm still here fighting for Love!!! I can honestly say we are in a good place and its with the help of God, and our kids. We seriously don't have much... There is never enough money to just go crazy on each other. I think its actually worked to our advantage, because it forces us to find different ways to show our love. We agreed that we would just dance the morning away for our anniversary! and believe me that was way sweeter than any piece of jewelry or other material thing out there (and his such a good dancer!! I need to so work on my moves!) Seven years down and forever to go.
Dancing in my kitchen 
with my husband
i guess its true 
money cant buy you happiness
and its the little things that count
till death do us part 

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