Thursday, September 3, 2015

Maya is 3 months ♡

Maya Carolina is three months now! Time is flying by. She is such a good baby. She has the most adorable rolls ever! She was born at 9 and half pounds just last month she was at 15 lbs already! The girl is BIG! She loves bath time! Music and MILK! Not a big fan of belly time or car seat. She's  finally sleeping through the night 10 hours straight!!! (Yay for me) She recently just started cooing, and it's the cutest thing ever! 
        She drools so much, so I took her in for a check up, doctor said it looked like she was beginning to teeth! WHAT!! Yes apparently this could happen really early for some baby's. There are no teeth insight but the process could start now. She doesn't complain much other than her chewing on her hand all day she's seems to be dealing with it pretty good. I'm really concidering buying one of those teething mittens
    I defenetly feel like I have been paying more attention to the little things with this baby. I wanna say it's because with the other two I was first of all a lot younger and didn't quite understand really how fast they do grow. I wanna make sure i remember everything!! I wanna remember every roll and face expression!
   Maya is looking a lot like daddy, witch is really nice since our two older kids look like me! And the relationship between my husband and Maya is so awesome! No question about it... fore sure her favorite place to be is on daddy's arms. The whole family is loving baby Maya!! I feel so complete with her in my arms.

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