Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Take time to let go

I beleive its important to find time in our busy day to hear our thoughts, to listen to the heart♡ Remeber why we are moving foward, to remember what we've learned from the past. What is it about holding on to the past that some of us love to do. Sure it's super important to never forget where we come from. The good things that have marked you. Maybe an old love, a friend, an event or a childhood memory. But why do we hold on to that bad stuff? The heart break, a bad decision, the wrong person, a lost, ect.... I can go on forever! I honestly believe that we are made to not want to let go (especially of the bad) it's unfortunate right.. well not really I also believe we hold on to this painful events for a good reason. Maybe because we're suppose to work with ourselves, to master acceptance. To grow, and learn but most importantly to LET GO. And i have learned from my own personal experiences that you can't let go  until you've learned the lesson behind it. But there somthing beautiful  about letting go. I call it The Growth Spurt Of The Soul. I encourage you to find time in your day to think about what you hold on to, smile and take it all in. Accepte it and MOVE ON! You can do it.

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