Sunday, November 15, 2015

Family retreat

We seriously needed to get away! We needed to get away as a family. There is no way I can explain how amazing and beneficial this family retreat was for us; Especially with dad's deployment around the corner. We really want to spend as much time together as possible, defenetly trying to make this last weeks count! Making the most of every minute. 

I believe it's important to know who we are as individuals, but also as a family! 

Celebrating each other's differences is so important for us. 
Everyone's opinion counts here. 
Struggles are always ongoing, we have decided to grow from them, and accept them.. but always sticking together to get through them.
Life is about sacrificesing, for those you love. And most importantly putting them first. Everything els should come second. 
We have a plan, and that's to make memories and traditions. 
Having each other's backs is so important. Teaching the kids the value of life and one another.
Teaching our kids by example. 
Forgive one another 
And listen! 
 And putting God right in the center of it all. 

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