Thursday, September 17, 2015

Push of encouragement

       It's easy to fall apart somdays. The reminder that our life's aren't quite what we expected, or planed. We may physically not look the way we want. Maybe you woke up and stubble across an old idea or dream you once had, and realized how much time you have wasted  and feel somewhat like a loser for never finishing it. I hope I'm not the only one out there that feels this way at times. Although I consider myself to be quite optomistic I also have "those days" For those of you who can relate, you know that the smallest thing can trigger this thoughts and feelings. As much as I love social media, u know its easy to get discourage when you see all those beautiful women out there when you could be dealing with some typ of insucurrity issues. Imagine how hard it could be to see a picture of somone having or enjoying somthing you want or wanted or have been working so hard for but for some reason it hasn't happened for you yet (family, kids, vacations, love, money, body, job, and the list goes on....)
   I strongly incurage everyone out there to daily remind yourself of what you are and what you mean. Nobody is perfect and it's a complete wast of time to try to be. Never compare your life or who you are with others. When you do that that's when you fall into this awful feelings of insecurity, doubt and uncertainty. Its always best to remember that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Take a look at what you have accomplished,  and what you do have. One of my favorite quotes ( someone els is happier with less then what you have) remember you are fortunate enough to be living. But the most important thing to remember and never forget, and must always remind yourself is that it's never too late to fulfill a dream or idea. Its never to late to make that change. Its also okay to have changed your mind. Make new dreams and set little goals everyday.
   I know of people that have lost hope, and I myself have been there before. The only thing I can say is that your not the only one. And I garentee you that at all you need is a little push of encouragement and maybe a new out look on things. Learn to accept the things you can not change, and work hard everyday to change what you still can. And somthing extremely important I have learned with time ..... is that you must find happiness within yourself. Never depend on somone or somthing to bring you happiness. What others do or not do is irrelevant to what you should feel. So when your having one of this days don't expect somone to make it better... or think that if you had a certain possession or change in your body or whatever it is... that you would be happier. That's not real happiness. Start to love yourself for exactly who you are!! And appreciate what life has giving you. Never take anything for granted, and stop chasing material things. Start serching for things that bring peace to your life, and surround yourself with people who make you laugh, and feel good.
     Next time you have "one of those days" remember life is short try not to waste it.


my morning writing 

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